From The Beginning

I started off in our 1 bedroom apartment, and that was all I had.

A couple months later... 


My first market trip out to LA


Turning dreams into reality isn't something that you do everyday, but I truly believe if you have a dream, chase it! You don't have to have all of the money in the world, you just have to have "faith" and work for what you really want. A lot of people look from the outside and think that it is "easy" or that they can do it too, which YOU can. But it is a TON of work owning a business and definitely not easy. If you put in hard work, time, and commitment, you can have anything that you want.

Foi is my passion, and I love doing what I do every single day.

What is Foi? Foi means faith in French. The word faith comes from many different aspects of my life, but one of them is my business. I turned something as little as $1,000 and turned it in to something BIGGER than my dreams. In just a short year and a half, my business has nearly grown from 5 products to about 300, from 0 followers to 30,000, from a side job to a career, and now a job for others. As I dreamed of opening Foi, I created ideas and a business plan. I applied for loans, but not one bank would accept me. I didn't let that stop me. I took $1,000 from my husbands and I's savings account, and turned it into my dream job. I started off buying all that I could, and with that buying smart. I started off buying scarves, necklaces, maxi skirts, and a few tops. Who didn't wear all of those things? Especially maxi skirts, people were going crazy over those at the time. 

Foi has exceeded my expectations of what the business would look like in such a short amount of time, but I am not going to stop there. There are BIG plans for Foi this year including hopefully expanding into a warehouse this Fall/Winter, growing our amount of products with new brands, and best of all, A NEW WEBSITE!!! I have to thank all of Foi's wonderful customers for supporting my business and following along this journey with me as Foi grows to be bigger and better in the future. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank for you your continued business and love for Foi. We have the best customers in the world. We will be sharing in the next post what our space looks like now, and big news on a new website as we work hard on all of the details. Check back soon!
--Use what you have, and do you what can--
Sara Vickers
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