Do you want a comfy-yet-stylish piece to add some flare to your outfit? Bodysuits are the perfect clothing pieces to wear during the day or night! A bodysuit is a one-piece top garment similar to a jumpsuit or romper, just without the legs. At Foi Clothing Boutique, our hand-picked, curated selection of bodysuits to choose from that are perfect layering pieces.

What's the best way to style a bodysuit?

Styling a bodysuit is easy! For a casual outfit idea, pair a bodysuit with high-rise jeans and cute sneakers or loafers. High-waisted shorts are a great item to pair with a bodysuit during the summer months. If you're going for a more professional look, wear a neutral-colored, high neck bodysuit under a business skirt and blazer.

Are bodysuits good to wear any time of the day?

Women's bodysuits can be worn during the day or night! Most bodysuits are intended to be worn during the daytime because of their material and style. Bodysuits with cut-outs or mesh on the back or sides can be worn during the night to give a more edgy look to your outfit.

Are bodysuits flattering?

Yes! Since bodysuits are a single piece of fabric, you don't have to deal with those awkward and unflattering bunches of fabric under your waistline. The soft and stretchy material hugs your body, and provides that clean, fluid look you want that regular shirts just can't imitate!